New work boots


Hi everyone! I’m posting this today showing you the new black work boots I bought. I complemented the boots with a new roll neck t-shirt too.

Wearing my black Ray-Ban new wayfarer sunglasses that I have since a lot time ago, but I still love them. You can wear them with everything that’s why I love them, they make you look interesting and sexy. It’s an essencial that every man and every woman must has.

Those white skinny jeans are from United Colors of Benneton, they’re one of my favorites, they look skinny but not too much. They make your legs taller, fitter and I always recommend to use white jeans with a black top because that contrast of black and white is perfect, so elegant. You can buy similar jeans here



And finally this dark blue denim jacket is from River Island that is quite warm in winter and quite fresh in spring, I love how it fits at shoulders, makes you more manly and makes your back look so good, accentuating the curve so it makes you look thinner and with a great butt 😛
You can buy similar ones here, here and here
Hope you liked it and thanks for reading!