Berlin (Part 1)

It’s been 2 days since I landed in Berlin. On the picture above you can see the Brangenburg Gate. As you can see it was raining, and it was SO cold. SO COLD. It was freezing and we were wet from rain, so it was very uncomfortable. This was the first day, where we saw the Bangenburg Gate as I said before, the Reichstag, the Gendarmenmarkt, a piece of the Berlin Wall…

Day 1

Pariser Platz

Memorial to the Holocaust. 

This memorial is one of my favorites places from Berlin so far. It’s amazing the numerous stone block, from all sizes up to 4 meters. It’s amazing hoe you feel there, lost, little… Maybe how jewish felt during the Hitler dictatorship.

Alexander Platz and the Fernsehturm

Brandenburg Gate

A beautiful gate hidding a lot of history. Amazing how it was used to separate Germany, actually, the whole world.

Humboldt University


Day 2

Berlin Cathedral

Neues Museum

I was really excited for visiting this museum. It’s a super interesting museum about ancient Egypt. Queen and kings, pharaons… But the real reason I really wanted to go is because here is the Nefertiti bust. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing how can be conserved that good all those thousands of years. They didn’t allow to take pictures of her and there were like 4 security men because of Nefertiti, so that’s why I don’t have any picture.

Berlin Wall

This is what divides the world in two. The Berlin Wall, almost impossible to cross. A very high porcetage of people who tried to cross it, died shot by the guards. But lots of alternative ways to pass from a side to the other one arised. Like tunnels, false passports…              It really impacts seeing it and listening to the history.

Jewish Quarter

Pergamon Museum